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About Me and my Reef Aquarium

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in the middle of the last century (of the second millennium). I am a PISCES by the Horoscope (good reason to be an Aquarist).

I have maintained one 70-liter Aquarium as decoration piece for 16 years, until the moment I saw Marine Aquarium.
My beginning in salt-water adventure was with 112-liter tank, one canister filter, and a lot of experimenting with various filtration methods (not very successful).
Next step was moving everything to 180-liter tank, but I was never satisfied with Outer Overflow and filtration, and finally moved everything to new tank and new (bigger) sump. New aquarium was made by my friend from Split, whose nick is GROF. Dimensions of new tank are: L 100 cm, H 50 cm, and W 45 cm with inner overflow (2 holes). Glass is 10 mm thick.  Filtration is provided by AQUABUSTER skimmer, 15-20 kg of Live Rock. Calcium is added by Ca reactor WEIPRO CR400 + kalkwasser reactor (DIY) made of Sea Clone skimmer. There are circulation pumps (Tunze NanoStream 6045 +6025 & Marea POLARIO Wave Maker 15000 l/h). Return from sump is provided by Eheim or AquaBee pump.

Lighting is provided by 6 T5 39W fluo lamps.



By education, I am a car & avio technician, employee of ZOO VILI pet shop.
I like Sci-Fi books, movies, listening music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tangerine Dream, Spencer Davies Group, J.L. Hooker, P.I. Tchaikovsky, B. Smetana, Ravel, a nice music in all forms






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